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Do you suffer from chronic pain or have less range of motion due to an injury? Pain can make it difficult to sleep, interfere with work/sports/time with the kids.

Low Back/Sciatic Pain
Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Pain
TMJ Dysfunction
Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis

Neck/Upper Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Dysfunction
Knee Pain
Pregnancy Aches

Being certified in neuromuscular therapy, prenatal massage, reflexology, auriculotherapy, cupping, and more...every massage is designed for your specific needs. 

I wash all of my linens in hypoallergenic detergent. So for those who are sensitive to detergents with fragrances, you can rest assured only natural and gentle soap is used. 

For the expecting mommies out there, sometimes you need help to induce naturally. The trigger points that I avoid during the majority of the pregnancy, we can focus on closer to 40 weeks to help get you closer to labor.  Ear seeds and reflexology are a great way to help the body with speeding up labor as well.

I do ask that clients not wear any perfumes, colognes or synthetic fragrances to their appointment. I, as well as other clients, have allergies to them. 

Bach Flowers

Bach flower essences are tinctures made from very specific flowers to help bring balance during stressful or emotional times. Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a surgeon and homeopathic doctor in London who developed this system in the 1930s. There are a total of 38 Bach flower remedies to treat negative emotions and mental states such as:

-Anger  -Depression  -Anxiety   -Jealousy  -Sorrow  -Loneliness  -Agitation   -Shock  -Trauma   -Sadness   -Uncertainty            -Racing thoughts  -Exhaustion  -Confidence   -Procrastination  -Insomnia  -And more

These essences also help with personality types such as: those who are people-pleasers and have difficulty speaking up for themselves; people who are very strict on themselves; those strict and rigid on others; people who are critical and judgmental; those who tend to “mother hen” and over care those they love; for people who self sabotage; need help with self confidence; and more. This is a gentle yet very effective system working with the energy or frequency of the flowers. Emotions have a frequency, and the remedies change your frequency to that of the flower. With each treatment bottle we will work to peel back the layers that don't truly resonate with your soul.

Bach flower essences are not essential oils. They are tinctures infused with the frequency or vibration that the flower resonates at. There is none of the flower itself in the tincture. The essences are 100% safe and natural. They can be used on babies, children and pets as well. These are a wonderful way to bring about peace to navigate all the different emotions we experience due to circumstances life throws our way.

What to expect:

An initial consultation is $70 and lasts up to an hour which can be in person, over the phone or by video chat (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc). We will discuss the situations and emotions that you are currently dealing with, and I will pick out the right flower essences for you. I will make you a treatment bottle to last you for at least 4 weeks or longer depending on how severe the emotions are and how often they are needed. Please jot down all of the emotions and situations you want to discuss prior to your appointment so you don't forget to mention anything during the session. If the session is over the phone or video chat, I can leave your treatment bottle at the office or ship it to you. Shipping fee is $10.

Follow-up consultations are $45 and  lasts up to 30 minutes. We will discuss the changes you've experienced from the previous treatment bottle and what changes need to be made. If this appointment is over the phone or video chat, I can leave your treatment bottle at the office or ship it to you. Shipping fee is $10.

Refills: If the treatment bottle has worked beautifully for you and you are simply in need of a new bottle the price is $30 plus $10 shipping if being shipped.

Ear Seeds

What Are They?

Ear seeds are tiny stick-on seeds, beads or magnets that are used on very specific points of the outer ear.  By applying this small pressure to acupressure points it stimulates the body's ability to heal and correct dysfunction.  This form of therapy is called auriculotherapy which is a traditional Chinese medicine technique.  

Ear seeds are a needle free way of promoting balance within the bodily systems. As with the hands and feet, there are hundreds of acupressure points that correspond to the organs and other areas of the body.  Unlocking blockages within the body allows the energy or Qi to move freely.  

Ear seeds are used to treat an array of conditions such as:

*acute pain from injuries           

*headaches and migraines   

*PMS symptoms                        


*anxiety disorders and stress      


*low back and sciatic pain         

*mid back and neck pain   

*weight loss                               

*lack of libido                     

*quitting smoking                     


*morning sickness                     

*seasonal allergies                  

...just to name a few.  



Are Ear Seeds Safe?

Ear seeds are used with little adhesive stickers and do not use needles.  Ear seeds are generally considered safe, as they are noninvasive and simply rest on the outer ear. You can experience some tenderness and redness as they stimulate the acupressure points.  If you have more discomfort than that simply remove them.  Please let your therapist know if you have a latex allergy.  

About Me

My name is Heather and I have been a licensed massage therapist for 13 years. I am full body certified in neuromuscular therapy, which is a medical form of massage. I specialize in pain relief from symptoms such as sciatica, low back pain, carpal tunnel dysfunction, tennis elbow, mid/upper back and neck pain, headaches/migraines, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, frozen shoulder/rotator cuff issues and more. 

I am also certified in prenatal massage. The trigger points that are avoided during pregnancy can be focused on towards the end of the pregnancy if you are wanting to self induce. I am also certified in reflexology and auriculotherapy (ear seeds). 


Ear seeds are a treatment that acupuncturists developed many years ago. The seeds can be placed on the acupressure points of the ear instead of needles. The seeds are a tiny pellet from the vacaria plant, 24 kt gold, stainless steel or magnets on a small sticker. They usually stay on the ear for a week or two providing continued relief from issues like bodily pain, seasonal allergies, insomnia, stress/anxiety, period cramps, menopause, and more. 



I am also a certified Bach Flower practitioner. Flower essences are a holistic form of medicine similar to homeopathy but not quite. They are tinctures that heal negative emotions/state of mind and certain personality types. Flower essences help with emotions such as anger, anxiety, jealousy, sadness, depression, sorrow, loneliness, grief, feeling overwhelmed, lack of self confidence, shock, trauma, self sabotage, procrastination and more. Then there are certain personality types such as; those who are overly critical and judgmental, those who are people pleasers and don't advocate for themselves, the mother hen types that "love people to death" and want to dictate the lives of their  

family members, those who work all the time and don't take time to rest, people who are overly harsh on themselves and more. 


My goal is to help my clients have a better quality of life whether it be physical pain or navigating the things that life throws our way emotionally. 

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